2011 PinPoint Lightning homescreen before an alert

PinPoint Lightning is being retired.
It'll be back as an in-app purchase
for iPhone and Android!

PinPoint Lightning is on hiatus starting April 1.
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PinPoint Lightning users who love our app REALLY love our app. They tell us how much they value our real-time lightning alerts and animated radar maps. In fact, since the day we released PinPoint Lightning 2010, our users have been asking for more.

They want a lightning app that can be their complete weather app. We agree, and we're getting ready to deliver.

PinPoint Lightning is on hiatus starting April 1. Our developers are hard at work integrating PinPoint Lightning with our flagship MyWeather apps, MyWeather for Android and iPhone. PinPoint Lightning will be unveiled as an in-app purchase within these free apps.

Thanks for supporting PinPoint Lightning and helping us make it even better. We'll be in touch!